Cambodia短宣隊 Day3

Cambodia短宣隊 Day3

Recap day 3 (2018.07.10)

Morning buffet breakfast followed by bible study looking at John 13:18-30, learning about how Jesus displays His love and demonstrates His lordship by foretelling us future events in prophesies.


Tour at the tuol sleng genocide museum, where we saw the photos and evidence of the torture, captivity and execution of prisoners caught under the tyrannical communist regime. What was shocking was how civilians, entire families were arrested for no reason, and how the regime encourages loyalty through propaganda to the young children/youths, and the children/youths are the ones carrying out the commands.


Unfortunately at this venue the heat of the day caught up with some of us. In addition, a couple of us also suffered minor gut upsets. So it was good to get some shade and refreshment at a buffet lunch.


We then arrived back at the Cana community centre. Today we kicked off with another game involving ‘boom whackers’ where as a team, we played simple songs with these plastic tube instruments. The children’s enjoyment was visible. We also continued with the real life story of Stephen Lungu, taught by Emilu. Lastly the handcraft today by Irene was for each student to make a ‘Jesus loves you’ poster.


Praise the Lord that today we were safe and able to function as a team despite minor health ailments. We built on our relationship with each child and could see how each of them opened up to us.


The Lord be with us again tomorrow perhaps to really take Jesus on as their saviour and Lord. Please continue to pray for us.


Photos from Allen – events described above

Photo from Casie – reflections and prayer items


In addition…

Afterward the children’s camp, we had dinner with the Cana team and was very fortunate to have the opportunity to share how each of us came to know Christ, especially learning about the challenges a local Cambodian person has to overcome to believe in Christianity


Schedule for tomorrow

7:45 Bible study and breakfast

9.15 Student family visits Russian market tour

2pm Rehearsal and preparation

3.30pm Game, story telling, music

by Allen


2018.07.10 Day 3 回顧







午餐過後我們回到迦拿中心,開始今天下午的服事。今天的開場遊戲是用律音管敲出簡單旋律,孩子們都玩得很盡興。接下來由Emily帶領大家繼續讀Stephen Lungu牧師的故事,最後由Irene帶我們製作 “Jesus Loves You”的海報,來結束今天的活動。




感謝 神賜我們平安。感謝 神,就算我們身體不舒服也能夠好好配搭、完成今天的服事。今天我們跟這些孩子們又變得更熟了些,也可以看到他們慢慢地向我們敞開心胸、與短宣隊的團員們有更多的互動。


願 神繼續與我們同在,盼望在明天的服事當中能夠更進一步地將福音帶給這群孩子們。請持續地為我們禱告。

翻譯 by 芳芳