Combodia 短宣行程 Day2

Combodia 短宣行程 Day2

Recap day 2 (2018.07.09)

Today’s summary

Morning buffet breakfast followed by bible study looking at John 13:1-17, getting nourished in the body and in the spirit, learning to follow Jesus’s example to wash Jesus’s feet, that is to rid ourselves of the unholy aspects of ourselves, amongst believers.


Tour at the Choeung ek genocide killing fields and museum, where we saw first hand the scenes and sights of the mass executions, how cruel (no guns, just various weapons and even farming tools) how ruthless (killing families not leaving anyone behind) You would never know it from looking at the local people’s faces, but when you drive around and see that this is a place where people live to make ends meet.


After lunch and preparation, then Children’s bible camp officially kicked off. An amazing 14 children came, almost double of the normal turnout, some of whom even new to the Cana community centre. After a round of introductions, we started with casie’s lead of a game using the Cambodia song ‘arabiya’, which engaged the children and gave us opportunities to know each other. Then once we were more comfortable with each other, Amy lead us in the first section of the real life story of Stephen Lungu, a now preacher from Zimbabwe, whose living circumstances reflects the challenges of Cambodian kids and families. Lastly we wrapped up with Irene’s face mask hand craft.


Praise the Lord that today we were safe, healthy, and we did carry out the work with the children well. We had a fantastic turn out, we got to know and mesh with them, and we were able to teach and show them a thing or two. The children were so happy many stayed beyond the usual time of 5:30pm and didn’t want to go home.

The Lord be with us again tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us.

By Allen

2018.07.09 Day 2 回顧

用完自助早餐後,我們查了約翰福音13章1-17節,在身體跟靈命上都得餵養。我們在查經過程當中學習到耶穌的榜樣:耶穌洗門徒的腳,為的就是要洗去信徒們屬世界的污穢。我們也應當藉著 神話語的供應,使我們每一個人在靈裡都能夠被耶穌更新。




午餐過後,我們開始預備下午在迦拿榮耀社區中心的兒童聖經營。很奇妙的,這天下午有14個孩子參加我們的活動,比通常參加的人數多了一倍!這當中甚至有些孩子是第一次來到迦拿社區中心。我們簡單地做了自我介紹,接著由Casie帶領大家玩遊戲以及唱柬埔寨歌謠 “Arabiya”,透過遊戲以及音樂來更深入地認識這些孩子們。在大家都對彼此比較熟稔之後,Amy帶著我們讀Stephen Lungu牧師的故事:Stephen Lungu是一位在辛巴威傳教的牧師,他的生活經歷與柬埔寨當地的兒童與家庭非常相似。最後,由Irene帶領大家做手工面具來結束今天的兒童聖經營。


感謝 神保守我們出與入的平安,賜給我們健康的身體,好讓我們可以發揮各自的恩賜來服事這些孩子們。今天到場的孩子人數多到出乎我們意料,我們也很高興能在今天的服事過程當中更深的認識、教導這些孩子們。很多小孩甚至玩到不想回家呢!


求 神繼續與我們同在。請弟兄姊妹們也持續地為我們的事工禱告。

翻譯 by 芳芳

Schedule for tomorrow

7:30am:Bible study and breakfast

9pm:Khmer Rouge concentration camp tour

2pm:Rehearsal and preparation

3.30pm:Music game, story telling, handcraft