Combodia 短宣行程 Day1

Combodia 短宣行程 Day1

Quick recap. (2018.07.08)

Left Auckland 5:30pm Saturday night, through Gold Coast and Kuala Lumpur, where we had a bible study session at McDonald’s, then arrived in Phnom Penh 7:30am Sunday. Safe and ahead of time.

Joined the Sunday service at the Cana glory community centre, lead by missionary Marian Lee. Had lunch where she shared her testimony about coming to Cambodia from Los Angeles, and about purposes of this ministry, and the local situation affecting families in Phnom Penh.

Spent an hour in the afternoon with the few children who spend many hours a day at the centre just hanging out, playing games and getting to know them.

This sets the stage for us to start our children’s camp tomorrow.  By  Allen


快速回顧一下 (2018.07.08)

星期六晚上5:30離開奧克蘭,經過黃金海岸和吉隆坡,我們在麥當勞進行了聖經學習,然後於週日上午7:30抵達金邊。 安全地提前抵達。

加入了Cana榮耀社區中心的主日敬拜,由傳教士Marian Lee領導。 在午餐時,她分享了她從洛杉磯來到柬埔寨的見證,以及這個事工的目的,以及影響金邊家庭的當地情況。


這為我們明天開始兒童營的舞台奠定了基礎。By  Allen