Bake Sale Fundraiser for the North Shore Hospice

Bake Sale Fundraiser for the North Shore Hospice

We the NZCCC are at it again! The 约书亚 cell group will be hosting a fundraiser, selling everyone favourite cookies, cakes and slices for the North Shore Hospice! See details below.

Want to help?
1. If you want to volunteer (a few openings at this point) then leave a comment below!
2. Or please come visit us at the stall on the day!
3. Pray for us! The weather! The turnout! Everything and anything you can think of!

– NZCCC Joshua purpose
(雅各书 2:16-17)你们中间有人对他们说:“平平安安地去吧!愿你们穿得暖,吃得饱”,却不给他们身体所需用的,这有什么益处呢?这样,信心若没有行为就是死的。
– Hospice mission
We are committed to providing free specialist end-of-life hospice palliative care for patients and their families.

Sell baking of cookies, slices and cakes

Birkenhead Artisan Market
110 Hinemoa Street

Saturday 20th May
9am – 1pm